• Discover the influence of Color in body and mind!

  • Learn about human psychology!

  • Expand your knowledge about energy!

  • Experience the healing aspects of Color! 

  • Gain an insight into the manipulative power of Color in every days use, in advertising  and design, interior, apparel, and so much more! 

  • Detect and unlock blockages in your chakras (Energy Centers in the body)!

  • Transform and evolve your life path towards more success!



      Awareness in Colour Energy on body and mind! 

      8 x Color Energy Weekend camp


          8 Block Colour Energy

      Awareness Training Course


                                         and Black

             On Weekends!

gain ..................an understanding about the Energy of Colour, - 

provoke............ your brain with this amazing level of thinking, -

open........your conscious perception of Color and its active influence,-


understand..............the mechanic of Color Chakras (Energy center),- 

reflect .....................in theory and practice!



A  weekend workshop  .......please mail or call to ask for upcoming workshops and further Info. 

   mini workshop

Introduction to  8 Block 



A 1 -2 hour Introduction to the constantly present Energy’s of Colour,  their influential and manipulative causes and forms. Their power to heal and clarify feelings & thoughts attitude & mentality, characteristics, and behaviors.









An entertaining educational time 

for all kind of occasions and groups.

Call now for Info

Stop aging - With meditative visualization Become vital and look younger Renew your cell production Balance Relationships, Reduce Stress, sleep deep Overcome and change old distractive beliefs. Heal childhood memories, (parent-child……) Eliminate pressure Reestablish trust, strength, Feel love and peace Achieve balance, harmony, happiness! In Meditative visualization, you sit or lay in a comfortable position (wear comfy. Clothing)! You close your eyes, relax and listen to the sound of the voice which carries you through the process. 


on appointment



This is your private time: where you are the center of attention. Engage in the process of articulation, release and clarify your thoughts, untangle problems and find solutions. Marie will lead you to widen your perception and guide you towards successful interactions, where peace and harmony becomes a natural way of life. 


Learn, practice and use this beneficial exercises. 

Stretchbreath becomes a habit once you learned how to do it. 

The benefits are:  increase of oxygen, stimulation of the brain, better concentration, flexibility in body and mind movements, straightening the spine, helps against stiffness in joints. Better functionality of digestion and all the organs. breath=stretch, assists and helps to restore and maintain a vital youth full body functionality and appearance.

Looking young shows first of all in your movement!


Personal or group. Soft movements tailored to your needs.


Call now for your appointment, you deserve to feel and look your best.


breath well and increase your flexibility 


Heal your routes with meditative visualization. Deep routed entanglements in the System of the Family constellation, in need for healing. This technic brings release into Situations and Emotions.   No need to do anything, just bring curiosity and willingness to listen, in your own space. No need to talk or do anything, relax and expierience, this is for everyboday an easy to follow process.  

Colour your look beautifull

on appointment

one on one


Colour Consultancy is a wonderful journey into the knowledge of your personal skin ton Colours, Your personal Colours uplift your features, diminish wrinkles, radiates your appearance and make you look younger. Shopping becomes fun you avoid wrong purchases and their fore you save money.



please call for further info. 


Get a new Profession, while you enjoy a holiday in Cyprus the Island of Aphrodite. 

Train to become a;

A.) Colour your Look Consultant.

B.) Holistic Colour Consultant.


Maria Schwarz/Demetriou is the founder of Colourinlife as well as the leading provider of Colourinlife awareness trainings.


Maria's trainings are based on logically comprehensible facts, providing realization about the interactive psychologic influence of the different color energies.


With enthusiasms she passes on her deep insights about the reflecting colors of the (Chakra) energy centers situated in the body, driving the mind!


Skillfully she interweaves her knowledge with practical examples of work and private life.


Marias work as lecturer, coach and therapist is influenced and formed not only by her own attentive participation of trainings of world's best masters, but by her years of discipline in awareness exercises and observation of actions and reactions of her own self, of humanity, her clients and students.

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