Colour consultancy on the look, with Marie Schwarz

Colour Consultancy on the look with Marie


Colour Consultancy is not only giving you the knowledge of your personal skin tone colours, it is more so a wonder full tool to open your creativity in dressing up. Under specific guiding, your eyes open up to a wider perception. You will see how different shades of colour, highlight and lowlight different aspects in your face. This experiment with your look, will continue, till you receive the knowhow, of this art.  – With the assistance of this knowledge you will turn your time of dressing up into an artful creative activity.


-.  Do not wait any longer, book now a professional Colour Consultancy with Marie!  She will be at your side, throughout this colour full journey. With her, you will go through an unforgettable experience, the journey to your personal, perfect look destination. 

There you will receive the fantastic reward, of a more radiant you. You will discover how your look appears younger and refreshed. Special lighting,- neutralized surrounding,-  and no disturbance through false Ideas, ensure the unobstructed frame, towards an absolute result. - A result lasting a life time.

Marie with her loving, caring and encouraging nature, knows how to activate your sensibility and your vision, until you, with your own eyes are ready to see…....... –  “YOU”!  


Maries special interest leys in the process, where you open up to your own vision, where you see, with your own eyes, your features changing through the reflexion of different colour!


The highlight of this journey is happening when you arrive at its destination. There you will receive the token of the goal: your personal skin Colour swatch.

 The Colour swatch booklet is filled up with the colours of your individual most suitable Colour tones.

This memorandum of your Colour journey shall become your steady companion, to serve you on your purchases, while choosing your clothing, make up and hair. It is your help, to save money by avoiding wrong purchases.

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