My wish and my task is to do as much  I can, to help to create a better world! The knowledge about Colour Energy provides an easy to follow understanding about the movement and transformational energetic influences on humanity, body and mind!

My mission is to inspire and accompany people on their path towards success and fulfillment in their careers and life. It gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge and to use my effort, to empower people to grow, achieve clarity and satisfaction! As it is my strong believe that world peace and freedom for humanity can only be achieved, when self-awareness in people has established!

Since I can remember, I have a great interest in the emergence and resolution of conflicts in private and professional life. My favorite activity is! - reading, observing, analyzing and collecting knowledge about psychology and human behavior; - Exploring and researching helpful ways to create and sustain successful interactions in relationships, families, and institutions.

During all this time I’ve been progressing with my studies and this eventually led me to founding “Colourinlife” in 2000, and that generated a multitude of successful Workshops and trainings about the philosophy and effect of colour on human behavior, body and mind. I’ve been offering my services as facilitator, teacher, life- and career coach, plus as Color Image and Style Consultant. I lead meditations, visualizations, constellation sessions and I offer trainings for healthy breathing and posture.

The desire to help people and assist them in their search for their identity comes from my heart and the genuine love for humanity is in my very nature.

The experiences of my life where colorful, filled with problems and entanglements that ultimately equipped me into becoming a skillful coach and educated me on life’s true nature.

In a field where wisdom and clarity is needed, I am constantly engaged in trainings, seminars and workshops focused on human nature, psychology and philosophy.

I chose to dedicate my life into supporting humanity and I specialized into the work as career coach, because I have realized that the greatest conflicts that occur in any community are caused by multitudes of unsolved issues within the work space. To establish hope and help people to achieve satisfaction in their career is a significant part of the puzzle needed for a healthy and happy family, - for a functioning community, - country and world.


Together with my business partner, we have founded TalentMasters and our main task is to serve and help people regain their satisfaction and increase their life quality in this ever so changing and demanding professional world.



My studies and expierience over more then 15 years work:


 The philosophy of Colour Chakra Energy,- certif. career & life coach, Family Constellation Work after Bert Hellinger-, Holding Therapy after Irina Prekop -, The work of Byron Katy-, Breathing and Posture Therapy

The Energy of the mind is the Essence of life. (Aristoteles) 

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