• Discover the influence of Color in body and mind!

  • Learn about human psychology!

  • Expand your knowledge about energy!

  • Experience the healing aspects of Color! 

  • Gain an insight into the manipulative power of Color in every days use, in advertising  and design, interior, apparel, and so much more! 

  • Detect and unlock blockages in your chakras (Energy Centers in the body)!

  • Transform and evolve your life path towards more success!

In the Colour Workshops you can rejuvenate your strength, relax and enjoy while you absorb the knowledge of Colour Psychology and its energetic movements and influences in .....work, family, parenting, love and social interaction....!  ....mental and physical health...! .....Advertisment and consuming....!


You hear, learn and experience with systematic exercises, dances, meditation, breathing and posture adjustment, how individual Colours vibrate in their own density affecting the nervous system, affecting the functionality of body and mind, yours and the whole society.


Themes  of the Energy Centers, Chakras           


1.    Red - Strength, will-power, sexuality 

Activates and strengthens the willpower, pleasure and sexuality! Empowers - the word yes or no! - hidden wishes, - dreams, - supressed wantings.


2.    Orange  - Appetite, feeling, creativity, Eros 

Opens the senses, opens the appetite - for to feel, to enjoy, to new life, sensitivity and creativity!  (Hormones)


3.    Yellow - Giving and receiving, digestion 

Opens up through letting go (Health and wealth)

Brings flexibility into rigid, - controlled Situations.

Release blockages (digestive system).


4.    Green  - Harmony, Love  

Balances, creates Harmony.

Relaxing and Rejuvenating. (Heart)


5.      Blue - Communication 

Energises the perception, the breathingsystem, throat and ears, listening and articulating. (Throat)


6.      Indigo - The Third Eye  

Relaxes and opens the mind! Helps to visualize and see.


7.     Violet - Meditation,  

Relaxes, disconnects and connects, one in all, all in one.


8.     Black  - Rebirthing, Depression  

Helps to rest and seperate. Carefull: black seperates, - from the emotional system, depresses feelings, takes away the strength, joy, creativity, love and happiness. When the darkness of black becomes a way of life, depression took place.






Meditative Visualization

the meditative visualization Workshops

are Goal orientated, to assists you to:


Overcome and change old distractive believes.


Heal childhood memories, (parent-child……)


Balance Relationships,


Eliminate pressure and reestablish trust


Renew your cell production


Become vital and look younger


Reestablish strength, happiness, peace……….


Each Workshop has a different theme. I like to recommend that you come as often as possible, as this helps you to get used to the practice and you will gain greater benefit.


One time is better than no time. Anybody who wants to try is very welcome.


In Meditative visualization you sit or lay in a comfortable position (wear comf. Clothing)! You close your eyes, relax and listen to the sound of the voice which carries you through the present visualization. 


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